Cover It, Protect It, Separate It, Control It with Industrial Tarps and Covers.

Industrial fabrics are called upon to stand up to wind, rain, heat, cold, sun, abrasion and chemical exposure. They are essential to applications such as:

  • Covering industrial machinery
  • Providing stability for loads on commercial trucks
  • Creating dust and noise separation in manufacturing settings
  • Assuring anti-flash protection
  • Supporting materials handling during automotive manufacturing
  • Protecting jet engines
  • Providing ventilation in commercial buildings
  • Adding to mine safety and increasing the efficiency of filtration

Our Trivantage subsidiary offers a variety of industrial grade products, each with specific performance features tailored to specific applications. From truck tarps to machine covers and from swimming pool covers to athletic backstops, Trivantage has access to the industry’s leading brand names in performance industrial covers.

Additionally, our Dickson subsidiary in France is a specialist in some of the most sophisticated applications of industrial fabrics. For example, Dickson PTL provides machine bellows fabrics that are used to protect vital components of laser cutting machines as well as fabrics that line tire molds for many of the world’s leading tire brands. Dickson Coatings is a leading supplier of tarps for soft-sided highway trailers prevalent in Europe, as well as flexible doors, flexible tanks and agricultural purposes.

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