Every car has specific design objectives and target audiences, which are achieved in hundreds of different ways, including the choice of materials. This is a niche that Glen Raven has fulfilled since the early 1990s, beginning with classic woven fabrics for convertible car tops and continuing with sleek flat knits for headliners.



The majority of convertible cars made today feature Sunbrella® fabrics as the face fabric for the top. Beginning in the early 1980’s we formed a partnership with Haartz, the leading fabricator of materials for convertible tops, to feature woven acrylic fabrics because of their classic good looks, durability and fade resistance. These fabrics must be flawless because of their impact on the overall look and feel of high-end vehicles. We began work with Haartz on topping in the early 1980’s. Also our woven acrylic is not branded as Sunbrella but is essentially the same as Sunbrella.



Perfection is also the goal for our flat knit fabrics, which are featured in headliners of the majority of new cars made today, foreign and domestic. These fabrics most recognizable as headliners but are also found on visors, pillars and sunshades within the car.

When the automobile industry challenged a group of leading textile companies to provide them with a new headliner fabric, Glen Raven delivered. Our new generation of flat knit fabrics add both attractive and high performing fabrics to cars made by a number of car manufacturers. And when manufacturers specify a particular color for their headliner fabric, Glen Raven’s technical team delivers with one of the most advanced color matching process in the industry.

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