Sunbury Textiles.

With over 22 years of business partnership with the Sunbrella brand, Sunbury Textiles is now the newest member of the Glen Raven family. Sunbury Textiles has been a key player in the world of designers and luxury furniture manufacturers, recognized for its distinctive decorative jacquard upholstery fabrics.

Since its founding in 1954, Sunbury Textiles has earned a reputation for excellence in product quality, superior design and customer service. Sunbury maintains a Chelsea office in New York City, and operates manufacturing out of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, one of the few mills to manufacture 100% of its products in the United States. Like Glen Raven, Sunbury Textiles values its people, families and workmanship. Many of Sunbury’s employees average a tenure of 20 years, and come from multigenerational families that are carrying the art of weaving forward into the future.

Sunbury’s designers create bespoke collections, focusing on inspirational patterns, unique constructions and leading color trends. Partnership with Glen Raven over the years has allowed them to expand their ability to serve customers with high-design, high-durability Sunbrella fabrics. As an official part of the Glen Raven team, Sunbury Textiles has entered the next stage of development in growth, innovation and design.

Sunbury Textiles serves the contract, furniture and residential markets, and carries the Nanotex® aSure residential performance brand, as well as an exclusive licensed collection of luxury Sunbrella jacquards.

Sunbury's Furniture Department


Sunbury’s furniture department focuses on the development of quality products that meet the needs of residential furniture manufacturers and decorative partners worldwide, including decorative and performance fabrics. Fabric collections center around statement artistic pieces alongside classic basics, and offer something for every taste – from modern to traditional, and from understated to bold. Periodic mini collections explore fresh design stories that supplement Sunbury’s distinctive aesthetic.


Sunbury Textiles works with Sunbrella® on creating elegant and exclusive jacquard fabrics for outdoor furniture and decorative partners. New collections focus on a breadth of inspirational pattern and color trends flexible for indoor and outdoor applications.

With strong support from Glen Raven, Sunbury Sunbrella jacquards have pushed product development forward. Sunbrella’s ease of cleaning, resistance to fading, and rich core color saturation, allow Sunbury jacquards to maintain their beauty and integrity for years in any environment.


Sunbury’s residential department works with a diverse base of decorative fabric partners. With this array of customers in mind, they develop artistic and insightful collections that fit every niche of customers’ unique needs.

The residential department actively responds to current trends and colors. Incorporating fill yarns like baby Alpaca, chenille and wool boucle, into Egyptian cotton, linen and polyester warps, provides a rich palette for creating luxurious and original textiles.

Nanotex aSure

Nanotex aSure, a new performance offering from Sunbury, uses advanced finishing technology to protect conventional residential fabrics against spills. The line is designed to allow barrier molecules to permanently attach to every fiber without clogging the fabric weave or compromising the look, feel or comfort of the fabric. Nanotex performance technology causes most liquids to bead up and roll off of the surface, while tough stains like wine and ketchup wash out easily.

Sunbury Textiles by Michael Cinquino


Sunbury Contract is dedicated to making superior decorative fabrics for hospitality, healthcare and corporate environments. Ideal for any public space, the program features a wide selection of essential textiles, plus specialty performance fabrics such as Crypton®, bleach-cleanable constructions, and an environmentally-conscious recycled fiber story and reclamation program.

All Sunbury Contract products hold the Silver NSF336 Certification or higher.


Sunbury Crypton fabric offers a protective solution to Contract clients, adding increased durability, and resistance to stains, odors and moisture. Crypton is suited for high-traffic areas, where fabrics used in any application will retain their beauty and function for years.

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