The right fabric transforms the furniture.

While we earned our brand reputation in the outdoors, our fabrics are no longer just for outdoor furniture. With ever softer surfaces and sophisticated designs, Sunbrella fabrics are becoming a leading choice for inside the home, perfect for kids, pets and messy adults, and ideal for creating coordinated home décor, inside and out. Many of the nation’s leading furniture manufacturers feature Sunbrella fabrics, and we’ve expanded beyond furniture to offer Sunbrella for all types of accessories, including window treatments, rugs and throws.


We created an upholstery version of our Sunbrella® fabrics in the early 1980s, and today Sunbrella is the leading premium fabric for casual and outdoor furniture. Durability, fade resistance, name recognition, ease of cleaning, comfort and beauty have made Sunbrella the asked-for brand when it comes to patio, deck and outdoor room furniture and fabric accessories. Our Sunbrella design team works with the nation’s leading home décor companies in creating Sunbrella fabrics that are exclusive to their specific brands and designed for specific target audiences.

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