Turning "Just-In-Time" to "Consistently On-Time".

We are living in a just-in-time world. No one wants to hold more inventory than absolutely necessary, but at the same time they expect to have reliable access to raw materials and finished products on close deadlines. Enter logistics, an increasingly important discipline for supporting global supply chains and assuring that raw materials and finished goods are where they are needed when they are needed.

Glen Raven Logistics has a Transportation Management Software (TMS) called "Raven Rater" that enables customers and members of the logistics staff to review options for every shipment going anywhere at any time. Our logistics team is very unique in that it has its own fleet of trucks and trailers, as well as long-standing contracts with leading third party carriers that can assure the best possible prices combined with safety, security and on-time delivery.

Our logistics team is adept at designing and implementing supply chain solutions for its customers: components are made in one location, assembly takes place in another and distribution is managed to multiple retail locations. As a full service logistics provider we can assist anywhere in the United States. On our own equipment we focus on LTL and TL premium "niche" service. The primary lanes on our assets include Mexico, Northeast, Southeast, Midwest and California and we have warehouses in North Carolina, Laredo Texas and Southern California and a customer service center in Mexico City in support of customer supply chains that extend south of the border.

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