For Men and Women in the Military, There Can Be No Compromises

It would be hard to imagine a more challenging environment for fabrics than the military. In addition to the obvious needs of durability, strength, comfort, water repellency and abrasion resistance fabrics also need to be flame retardant and light-weight. One of the greatest challenges is finding a way to combine all of these features into one fabric because special features have a tendency to cancel out one another.

We have been a fabrics resource for the nation’s military since World War II when we wove fabrics for parachutes. Today we assist military equipment companies, such as W.L. Gore, with all aspects of product development, beginning with design and carrying through in manufacturing. These collaborations have resulted in military equipment that weighs less yet meets stringent standards for durability, fade resistance, concealment, flame retardence and comfort.

Our fabrics go into a broad array of applications, including boots, tents, ballistic vests, load carrying equipment, packs, canteen covers, duffle bags and parkas. Our importance to the military increased with the development of HaloTech™ FR, which was one of the first fabrics to combine superior features in all key performance areas, including strength, abrasion resistance, water repellency, weight and flame retardancy.

In addition to our fabrics for military gear, we’ve also been a key provider of fabrics used for ULCANS (Ultra-Lightweight Camouflage Netting Systems.) Our role has included fabric creation and a close collaboration with military suppliers that add special features to protect our military from all types of enemy detection, including visual, radar and infrared.

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