Putting an End to Event and Travel-Related Chaos

Planning and traveling to events, trade shows and meetings can be stressful. Event planners often feel like they are herding cats, trying to ensure their fellow event travelers and attendees have all of the event logistics and travel details they need, wherever and whenever they need them. At the same time, event travelers are frustrated because they have to sift through hundreds of emails to find the event and travel details they need. Centralizing this information and having an easy way to communicate and access it is the mission of Glen Raven’s Switch Four™ software subsidiary.

Switch Four’s event communications platform, WorkTrip®, was designed by event planners and event travelers for event planners and event travelers. WorkTrip is a web-based and mobile software solution that serves as a centralized hub to communicate all of your event and travel details.

Event planners, you can store the event and travel details that everyone needs all in one place with WorkTrip. No need to repeat yourself. One and done. And, any updates or changes to your event are reflected in real time across all devices.

Event travelers, work trips are now more enjoyable because all of the information you need is organized, easy to find and all in one place. Communication with your colleagues becomes hassle-free without the burden of endless group texts or emails.

WorkTrip is designed to make work trips easier for both those planning the event as well as those traveling to the event.

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