While brainstorming sessions can be good for creating new ideas, don’t count on them to result in true innovation, says Louis Foreman, a nationally recognized leader on bringing new products to market.

“Great ideas can come from anywhere, including your customers who interact with your products every day,” said Foreman, who is CEO of Enventys, a Charlotte, N.C.-based company that assists entrepreneurs with taking new ideas to market. “Successful innovation requires being able to identify great ideas and then being able to execute on those great ideas. The difference between creating a great idea and making money from a great idea is all about execution.”

Foreman was a recent visitor to the Concept Gallery where he outlined the key steps to innovation based on his extensive experience during a 20-year career.

“Innovation isn’t just something that you talk about. Innovation is something that you do,” he said. “You need to have the right people, the right resources and the right leadership. When you are truly innovative you are going to disrupt.”

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