Glen Raven is an active member of Material ConneXion, a global materials resource designed to connect marketing and manufacturing companies worldwide. This new service allows Glen Raven to post a wide variety of its products with a goal of fostering innovative new product development.

“Material ConneXion is another tool that Glen Raven can use to help drive innovation,” said Caroline Berna, account manager with Material ConneXion who met with Glen Raven management team members recently. “Anyone searching our database can be confident that we have vetted the information so they can pursue networking opportunities knowing that our data is accurate.”

Material ConneXion is made up of an international team of multidisciplinary experts that bridges the gap between science and design to create practical manufacturing solutions. The organization leverages the knowledge of material scientists and material specialists with cross industry work experience at Fortune 500 companies and national laboratories. Widely regarded as an authority on materials, Material ConneXion acts as a catalyst for new material and product ideas and creates opportunities for product development and optimization.

In addition to posting products in the Material ConneXion materials database, Glen Raven recently held its annual R&D World Cup at the organization’s headquarters in New York. The World Cup is an annual event sponsored by Glen Raven to encourage the sharing of product development expertise from around the world. By hosting the event at the Material ConneXion offices in New York, Glen Raven’s R&D associates gained insights into how they can collaborate with product developers from around the world.