Choice of materials means everything for consumers, especially those shopping for high-end purchases. A touch of wood grain, the sparkle of stainless steel or the feel of a fine fabric can instantly elevate a product in the eyes of a potential buyer.

Consumer products companies and their suppliers are continually innovating through designs based on high concepts and unique materials selections, such as those featured in the Concept Gallery. A recent example came to our attention courtesy of Syntec Industries, a leading supplier of innovative products for the marine and RV industries.

One of the most exclusive items from Syntec is the Gussi Italia® Marine Steering Wheel. While most people may think of a steering wheel as a basic element of any boat, Gussi Italia demonstrates how the innovative use of unexpected materials creates a unique user experience.  Gussie Italia steering wheels are beautiful works of art, fashioned in Italy from the finest woods, metals, leather and soft-touch molded polyurethane.  When prospective boat owners touch a Guusi Italia steering wheel, they are instantly in intimate touch with the boat’s performance characteristics.

We were pleased that Syntec provided us with a one-of-a-kind Gussi Italia steering wheel for display in the Concept Gallery, covered in Sunbrella fabric. Just another example of the essential role of strategic materials selection.