Raven Magazine

Raven Issue No. 25

In this issue:

  • An Invitation to Innovate
  • How to ‘Make Space’ for Creativity and Innovation
  • Small Rooms Are the Big Idea at POD Hotels
  • Why FR? Worksite Uniform Company Protects, Educates And Innovates
  • The Future of Shade
Download Raven Issue No. 25

Download Raven Issue No. 25

Raven Issue No. 24

In this issue:

  • ‘Spirit for Innovation’ Fuels Global Design Inspirations
  • U.S. Sailing Tea Sperry and Sunbrella Circumnavigate the Globe in Search of Gold
  • Small Rooms Are the Big Idea at POD Hotels
  • ‘Explorer’ Encourages Use of Glen Raven Materials in Unexpected Ways
  • From Parachutes to RVS: Former U.S. Navy Rigger Tackles Diverse Fabrication Challenges
Download Raven Issue No. 23

Download Raven Issue No. 24

Raven Issue No. 23

In this issue:

  • ‘Perspective’ program expands imaginations for Sunbrella fabrics
  • Glen Raven launches new Shade Fabrics Collection
  • Students’ design creativity boosting communities
  • U.S. textile industry drives forward with value-added offerings by B&O.
Download Raven Issue No. 23

Download Raven Issue No. 23


Raven Issue No. 22

In this issue:

  • Sunbrella fabrics featured at LongHouse Reserve
  • Design thinking focuses on end-user needs
  • Where are shade products headed next?
  • Artist builds international exhibitions with Sunbrella yarns
  • ‘Performance Art’ takes Sunbrella in new directions
Download Raven Issue No. 22

Download Raven Issue No. 22

Raven Issue No. 21

In this issue:

  • Glen Raven, Inc. adopts new corporate identity
  • Jordan’s furniture attracts customers with more than sofas
  • Jardinico introduces Modular Colors furniture line
  • Strata creating global brand in geosythetics

Download Raven Issue No. 21

Raven Issue No. 20

In this issue:

  • The overriding mission of Glen Raven Custom Fabrics is support for the Sunbrella brand, spanning research and development, manufacturing, design, marketing and branding.
  • During 2013, Glen Raven launched a significantly enhanced marketing communications program for the Sunbrella brand.Glen Raven’s Dickson associates in France are responding well to the troubled European economy through production process enhancements, Sunbrella and Dickson brand marketing, and more efficient distribution through a new logistics center and the introduction of new products, such as a commercial woven flooring line.
  • Glen Raven Technical Fabrics supports a diverse portfolio of products and markets based on a clear strategic direction that focuses research and development on highly technical, value-added offerings.
  • During the past six years, Trivantage has focused on establishing a stronger foundation for serving its customers.
  • In addition to providing efficient distribution services to its customers, Trivantage is also committed to helping awning and marine fabricators and furniture companies identify and pursue business growth opportunities. Read More

Raven Issue No. 19

In this issue:

  • Fashion and textile design students at N.C. State University have suggested innovative new ways to make boating more fun for everyone.
  • Perspective Atlanta follows the creation of a stylish and comfortable loft in Atlanta, transformed by a New York designer using Sunbrella fabrics.
  • From active wear to the military, Brookwood Companies is proving the value of creative thinking by an egalitarian workforce.
  • With more than 300 years of tradition in the circus arts, Mondial Chapiteaux was the ideal choice for a new tent used by the French National Center for Circus Arts.
  • Consumers today expect the latest technology when it comes to shopping, including the selection of furniture within retail showrooms.
  • AVZ of the Netherlands is a leader in shade product innovation in Europe, drawing up its entrepreneurial spirit and smart product development. Read More

Raven Issue No. 18

In this issue:

  • One of the nation’s leading RV makers is helping to preserve the natural environment that drives the lust to travel.
  • Colors and styles are not the only considerations when consumers purchase furniture – they also want eco-friendly products in their homes.
  • Glen Raven’s five North American manufacturing centers have completely eliminated sending waste to area landfills.
  • Through re-purposing and recycling, performance fabrics can be given new life for new uses, including disaster relief.
  • The new stadium for the University of North Carolina at Charlotte 49ers is a testament to sustainable construction and design.
  • As digital printing increases in popularity in Europe, so does the emphasis on sustainable materials that also print beautifully. Read More

Raven Issue No. 17

In this issue:

  • G&K Services and Glen Raven Technical Fabrics successfully deployed a highly targeted marketing program to reach oil and gas workers in San Antonio.
  • Wm. J. Mills is benefitting from the global marketplace with the sale of distinctive canvas bags displaying the iconic Mills logo.
  • Customers of Wieland Copper Products receive just what they need, just when they need it through a finely tuned logistics system with Glen Raven Logistics.
  • Long-term business relationships result when companies provide products that are unavailable elsewhere, backed by responsive, personal service.
  • Operational improvements can be found throughout every company, starting with selecting the right materials and developing a disciplined, effective approach.
  • Design is today’s frontier in product innovation, with victory to those who can create products that are as elegant as they are full featured and easy to use. Read More

Raven Issue No. 16

In this issue:

  • While awning fabrics remain an essential strength, Dickson-Constant has diversified in recent years through a focus on home décor with Sunbrella and Dickson brands and growth in technical solar protection.
  • For Europe to meet increasingly aggressive goals for energy conservation, it must adopt a variety of integrated strategies, including the increased use of shade, particularly for commercial buildings.
  • Through the application of unique technologies and seasoned staff members, Dickson PTL solves high-tech fabric needs, ranging from release liners used in tire manufacturing to bellows that protect precision laser cutting machines.
  • Changing fundamental manufacturing processes can be a formidable challenge when millions of dollars of equipment and brand equity are at stake; Dickson PTL has accomplished this feat in tire manufacturing.
  • In the world of performance textiles, change is a way of life, which is increasingly the case at Dickson Saint Clair, which has established a leadership position in eco-friendly fabrics while modernizing its weaving operations. Read More