Raven Magazine

Raven Issue No. 15

In this issue:

  • From shade sails for athletic fields to enclosed patios for restaurants, awning fabricators are finding new growth opportunities.
  • Innovation is essential for success in today’s global economy, and the new Concept Gallery at Glen Raven is fostering creative thinking.
  • With the world population at more than 7 billion, the need for fresh drinking water has become a global priority.
  • The Sunbrella brand remains strong and in high market demand, requiring careful consideration for brand extensions.
  • Leading fiber companies are expanding recycling programs, including converting plastic bottles into high-tech yarns for a variety of uses. Read More

Raven Issue No. 14

In this issue:

  • A new solar array atop Glen Raven’s Sunbrella Yarn Manufacturing Center in Norlina, N.C., is generating enough electricity to power 47 typical homes in a year.
  • Sustainability is not only good for the environment but also good business, resulting in better quality and globally competitive products.
  • The secrets to marine fabric transformations are revealed in a special project aboard the Galatea, a 43-foot cutter rigged Hans Christian sailboat moored in Olympia, Wash.
  • Glen Raven Logistics is managing complex supply chains that are assuring globally competitive costs, while meeting rigorous delivery schedules.
  • Products today must be as beautiful as they are high performing, which means adding “art” to equations often based in science, technology, engineering and math. Read More

Raven Issue No. 13

In this issue:

  • Situ Studio, a Brooklyn-based creative practice, has transformed the Great Hall inside the Brooklyn Museum with 16 towering column sculptures that incorporate 2,400 yards of Sunbrella fabric.
  • Glen Raven’s Burnsville Plant will soon become a landfill-free facility, recycling all waste content, ranging from fibers and cardboard to light bulbs and batteries.
  • A 150-year-old French company, Toiles du Soleil (Cloth of the Sun), is collaborating with Dickson-Constant to reinterpret its classic cotton fabric designs into Sunbrella fabrics.
  • Strata India has evolved from a provider of geo-grid materials to an organization capable of designing and building overpasses for India’s massive national highway construction program.
  • The Sunbrella brand is gaining increased global recognition in awning and casual furniture markets as a result of design and marketing programs from Dickson-Constant, including recent awning line additions. Read More

Raven Issue No. 12

In this issue:

  • Glen Raven’s new global vision – “Let Endless Possibilities Begin™” – is intensifying our focus on innovation with customers, trade partners and associates.
  • Glen Raven Asia is at the forefront of the growing Asian economy, providing Sunbrella performance fabrics for some of the region’s leading entrepreneurs.
  • Utility companies are the early adopters of a new generation of work vests that not only enhance visibility, but also offer protection from electric arc hazards.
  • With the latest in warehouse automation systems, the new Trivantage Consolidated Distribution Center in Mebane, N.C., is assuring the ready availability of more than 12,500 different catalog items.
  • Logistics is the fastest growing segment of the transportation industry, opening up avenues for cost savings while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability. Read More

Raven Issue No. 11

In this issue:

  • Glen Raven is partnering with colleges and universities all around the world, assuring close connections with creative young minds.
  • Glen Raven’s Park Avenue finishing plant is a valued resource for customers, adding the “secret sauce” for performance fabrics.
  • Mine safety is an increasingly important issue, which Glen Raven is addressing through advanced fabrics technology.
  • Wherever there is a need for high-quality, eco-friendly media fabrics, you are certain to find the EverGreen brand from Glen Raven.
  • From its beginning as a new type of awing fabric 50 years ago, the Sunbrella brand has become a global icon in awning, marine and furniture markets. Read More

Raven Issue No. 10

In this issue:

  • Sugar House Awning is living proof that innovation has nothing to do with age. For 69 years, this Utah-based company has continually innovated, resulting in best practices that all can follow.
  • Cindy Boersema and Chris Ritsema know the importance of pursing continual change, which is reflected in innovative practices for their growing marine fabrication business on the western shore of Lake Michigan.
  • Glen Raven Asia is partnering with its customers to develop retail infrastructure and consumer appreciation for quality shade products.
  • Developing world-class products in today’s global economy requires the formation of partnerships that leverage technical expertise. This strategy is reflected in the relationship between Glen Raven and Fairystone Fabrics.
  • First as creative director for Brown Jordan for two decades and now with his own brand consultancy, Richard Frinier is a leader in setting trends in home décor, including a globally inspired collection of Sunbrella fabrics. Read More

Raven Issue No. 9

In this issue:

  • With distinct European styling, Sunbrella furniture fabrics are growing in popularity for home décor on the Continent.
  • Awning fabricators are enhancing design and marketing expertise with a Glen Raven software package – Canvas Link.
  • Protecting the nation’s warfighters is a mission that Saab Barracuda is fulfilling through a partnership with Glen Raven.
  • Paddling enthusiasts are enjoying access to one of North Carolina’s most popular rivers through Glen Raven’s ‘green’ commitment.
  • Miles Talbott is redefining every room as a ‘living room’ with Sunbrella performance fabrics by Joe Ruggiero. Read More

Raven Issue No. 8

In this issue:

  • A commitment to product quality led Glen Raven Technical Fabrics to invest in a new automated inspection system for its Park Avenue finishing plant.
  • Dickson-Coatings is following one of the surest paths to successful product innovation, offering a new version of its Sunworker fabrics already in demand by customers.
  • Inspired by the marine environment, in which products are built to function flawlessly and to last under extreme conditions, TUUCI is redefining shade products and attracting a loyal client base worldwide.
  • Dickson-Coatings has successfully launched its Evergreen and Sunblock product lines in North America through guerrilla marketing.
  • Glen Raven Logistics has launched a gains-sharing program through which its fees are based on a percentage of the cost savings it creates for customers.  Read More

Raven Issue No. 7

In this issue:

  • Treasure Garden, the world’s largest manufacturer of shade structures, celebrated its 25th anniversary in the fall of 2008 by opening a new plant in China.
  • Research and development is the lifeblood of Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, assuring continual innovation. The latest advancement is a Next Generation of Sunbrella® awning and marine fabrics with 25 percent greater water repellency with no loss of breathability.
  • Glen Raven’s one-million-square-foot Anderson, S.C., plant is not only one of the most modern, it is one of the most environmentally friendly. During 2007 the plant went landfill free, recycling every bit of waste from fibers to light bulbs.
  • The Indian government is building a 6,000-mile interstate highway system, and Strata Systems is playing a key role in its construction.
  • New products are essential to all organizations, including Glen Raven Technical Fabrics, which is generating 20 percent of its annual growth through original creations. Read More

Raven Issue No. 6

In this Issue:

  • With a mission of serving the nation’s leading boat manufacturers, as well as thousands of individual boat owners, Great Lakes Boat Top demands quality, speed and quick response from each of its trade partners.
  • Shawmut Corporation, the nation’s largest fabric laminator, is partnering with Glen Raven to address one of the auto industry’s most essential needs – a new generation of headliner fabrics for today’s high-tech vehicle interiors.
  • When Gloster furniture leaves the warehouse, the company must have confidence that every piece will not only be handled with white glove care, but that it will be delivered cost effectively and on time. With a depth of supply chain expertise and obsessive attention to detail, Glen Raven Logistics has become one of Gloster’s top resources, managing seamless distribution coast-to-coast.
  • As the go-to resource for awnings and shade structures in the Atlanta region, Georgia Tent & Awning needs more than just a supplier of fabrics and accessories.  Georgia Tent has found this support from Trivantage, the national distribution arm of Glen Raven.
  • Tent maker Andy Nolan has been in the business long enough to know exactly what he wants in every fabric he uses – quality, competitive pricing, durability and service after the sale. He has found all of these elements and more in Sunblock fabrics, an offering from Dickson Coatings, a Glen Raven French-based subsidiary.  Read More