Raven Issue No. 11

In this issue:

  • Glen Raven is partnering with colleges and universities all around the world, assuring close connections with creative young minds.
  • Glen Raven’s Park Avenue finishing plant is a valued resource for customers, adding the “secret sauce” for performance fabrics.
  • Mine safety is an increasingly important issue, which Glen Raven is addressing through advanced fabrics technology.
  • Wherever there is a need for high-quality, eco-friendly media fabrics, you are certain to find the EverGreen brand from Glen Raven.
  • From its beginning as a new type of awing fabric 50 years ago, the Sunbrella brand has become a global icon in awning, marine and furniture markets. Read More

Raven Issue No. 10

In this issue:

  • Sugar House Awning is living proof that innovation has nothing to do with age. For 69 years, this Utah-based company has continually innovated, resulting in best practices that all can follow.
  • Cindy Boersema and Chris Ritsema know the importance of pursing continual change, which is reflected in innovative practices for their growing marine fabrication business on the western shore of Lake Michigan.
  • Glen Raven Asia is partnering with its customers to develop retail infrastructure and consumer appreciation for quality shade products.
  • Developing world-class products in today’s global economy requires the formation of partnerships that leverage technical expertise. This strategy is reflected in the relationship between Glen Raven and Fairystone Fabrics.
  • First as creative director for Brown Jordan for two decades and now with his own brand consultancy, Richard Frinier is a leader in setting trends in home décor, including a globally inspired collection of Sunbrella fabrics. Read More