In this issue:

  • While awning fabrics remain an essential strength, Dickson-Constant has diversified in recent years through a focus on home décor with Sunbrella and Dickson brands and growth in technical solar protection.
  • For Europe to meet increasingly aggressive goals for energy conservation, it must adopt a variety of integrated strategies, including the increased use of shade, particularly for commercial buildings.
  • Through the application of unique technologies and seasoned staff members, Dickson PTL solves high-tech fabric needs, ranging from release liners used in tire manufacturing to bellows that protect precision laser cutting machines.
  • Changing fundamental manufacturing processes can be a formidable challenge when millions of dollars of equipment and brand equity are at stake; Dickson PTL has accomplished this feat in tire manufacturing.
  • In the world of performance textiles, change is a way of life, which is increasingly the case at Dickson Saint Clair, which has established a leadership position in eco-friendly fabrics while modernizing its weaving operations. More