Raven Issue No. 20

In this issue:

  • The overriding mission of Glen Raven Custom Fabrics is support for the Sunbrella brand, spanning research and development, manufacturing, design, marketing and branding.
  • During 2013, Glen Raven launched a significantly enhanced marketing communications program for the Sunbrella brand.Glen Raven’s Dickson associates in France are responding well to the troubled European economy through production process enhancements, Sunbrella and Dickson brand marketing, and more efficient distribution through a new logistics center and the introduction of new products, such as a commercial woven flooring line.
  • Glen Raven Technical Fabrics supports a diverse portfolio of products and markets based on a clear strategic direction that focuses research and development on highly technical, value-added offerings.
  • During the past six years, Trivantage has focused on establishing a stronger foundation for serving its customers.
  • In addition to providing efficient distribution services to its customers, Trivantage is also committed to helping awning and marine fabricators and furniture companies identify and pursue business growth opportunities. Read More

Strata Systems, Inc. Announces Partial Acquisition of Equity in Geo Solucões, Ltd.

Today, Strata Systems, Inc., a Glen Raven company and manufacturer and marketer of soil reinforcement products, announced its acquisition of 50% of the equity in Geo Solucões Ltd. of Brazil.

With offices in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Geo Solucões Ltd. is a Brazilian geotechnical solutions company that designs and builds advanced soil reinforcement structures including retaining walls, soil nailing, slope protection and foundation piling systems. The partnership with the South American Company is designed to capitalize on the area’s planned growth in infrastructure including its participation in the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympic Games. Ultimately, the venture will offer a full range of Strata-branded geosynthetics for distribution throughout Brazil. Strata will also explore opportunities to introduce other successful Glen Raven products into South America. Read More

Sunbrella Fabrics in Indigo Featured During Furniture Market at Miles Talbott

Indigo-dyed fabrics have endured through the ages and continue to attract a loyal following as reflected on fashion runways and during the upcoming High Point Furniture Market. Home décor authority Joe Ruggiero has created a master bedroom using Sunbrella® fabrics with a classic Indigo-dyed styling that will debut during market week Oct. 19-24 within the Miles Talbott showroom. Read More