In this issue:

  • G&K Services and Glen Raven Technical Fabrics successfully deployed a highly targeted marketing program to reach oil and gas workers in San Antonio.
  • Wm. J. Mills is benefitting from the global marketplace with the sale of distinctive canvas bags displaying the iconic Mills logo.
  • Customers of Wieland Copper Products receive just what they need, just when they need it through a finely tuned logistics system with Glen Raven Logistics.
  • Long-term business relationships result when companies provide products that are unavailable elsewhere, backed by responsive, personal service.
  • Operational improvements can be found throughout every company, starting with selecting the right materials and developing a disciplined, effective approach.
  • Design is today’s frontier in product innovation, with victory to those who can create products that are as elegant as they are full featured and easy to use.
Download Raven Issue No. 17
Download Raven Issue No. 17