The Richard Frinier Origins Collection of Sunbrella® fabrics is newly available through PINDLER, bringing expanded exposure to the distinct line of Sunbrella fabrics featuring recycled content and rich surface textures.

GRANITE-GARNET-3-cropDesigner Richard Frinier expressed how the collection came together by saying, “The interior design landscape today is rich with experimentation. Our Origins Collection was designed to incorporate Renaissance yarns by Sunbrella to provide an interesting material, which infuses the lineage of the past of Sunbrella fabrics with the look and texture of what’s new now. In my design work, I am always mindful of what has come before while looking for what’s missing and then designing to that necessity through my creative process. The end result with Origins was a distinct appearance and hand that achieved the perfectly imperfect look that designers and consumers are seeking.”

The Sunbrella Renaissance family of recycled offerings made with post-industrial content began several years ago with braided rugs. More recently the program has expanded to include upholstery and awning fabrics.

WHEAT-5-crop“Products in our Renaissance offering have an earthy, natural feel to them that translates beautifully into elegant and complex fabric constructions,” said Gina Wicker, design and creative director for Sunbrella fabrics. “Origins is the premiere example of what’s possible with recycled Sunbrella content and offers designers the chance to tell a richly textured, yet natural design story.”

The Origins Collection includes five patterns that span a diverse color palette. The subtle textures and classic stripe patterns are designed to be mixed and matched across all constructions, patterns and color ways.


  • Auvent is another example of the designer’s enduring passion for authentic stripe patterns. Broad and narrow stripes are banded and sized to exact scale, so you may focus on the rhythm of the smaller or larger repeating stripes in both high and low contrast yet harmonious color combinations. Auvent is available in Earth, Burlap, Denim, Garnet and Granite.
  • La Rue combines the appearance of burlap and linen weaves and is similar in look to coarse canvas, jute, hemp or gunnysack only with the soft textural appearance of the Renaissance yarns. La Rue is available in Denim, Earth, Flax, Granite and Hemp.  
  • Plein Air finds it roots in linen textured fabrics thus the hybrid name. The scale of the fabric’s construction shows how Renaissance yarns work together with Sunbrella virgin yarns to create a sumptuously and lightly textural weave. Plein Air is available in Canvas, Denim, Earth, Flax, Granite, Hemp, Straw and Suede.
  • Rayure is named for its coastal stripe design and is very reminiscent of a colorful espadrille canvas cloth. Rayure is available in Alpaca, Denim, Garnet, Granite, Hemp and Straw.  
  • Chemin communicates the designer’s desire to ask everyone to remember to take five-minute vacations throughout each day. This stylish stripe pattern whispers a hint of relaxing and restorative days spent by the sea. Chemin is offered in Denim, Hemp and Sable.