Indigo-dyed fabrics have endured through the ages and continue to attract a loyal following as reflected on fashion runways and during the upcoming High Point Furniture Market. Home décor authority Joe Ruggiero has created a master bedroom using Sunbrella® fabrics with a classic Indigo-dyed styling that will debut during market week Oct. 19-24 within the Miles Talbott showroom.

“I had the opportunity to visit authentic Indigo dyeing studios in Japan,” said Ruggiero, who draws inspiration for his Sunbrella fabrics from extensive worldwide travels. “The look we have achieved with Sunbrella fabrics in Indigo is very similar to the colors created in Indigo studios using plant material. The color clarity is outstanding.”

Not only has Ruggiero interpreted the color of Indigo dyeing from Japan for today’s consumer, he also found inspiration in Japan for his pattern Symbols, which plays a prominent role with the master bedroom setting at Miles Talbott. Japanese characters from ancient art inspired Ruggiero to create his own original artwork that inspired the distinctive look of Symbols.

“We have used the color of Indigo throughout our Sunbrella fabrics collection, including patterns Chevy II, Zig Zag, Tesora, Paisley and Cara,” Ruggiero said. “You’ll also find Indigo with a number of Sunbrella stock fabrics, some of which we have included in our presentation at Miles Talbott.”

Ruggiero’s most recent introductions for Sunbrella have drawn inspiration from his global travels as a television host and home furnishings designer. Ruggiero’s trademark is the manner in which he interprets international influences to appeal to American consumers.

New for this market, Ruggiero has created the Sunbrella pattern, Flower Garden in the color Slate, which is reversible. Silhouettes of leaves and flowers from his own garden inspired Ruggiero for the new pattern.

Ruggiero’s expansive collection of Sunbrella fabrics will be featured throughout the Miles Talbott showroom during the High Point Furniture Market, illustrating trends he envisions for the next six months. Look for upholstery that emphasizes colorways in Gray, Caramel and Charcoal.

“The advances that Glen Raven continues to make in yarn creation and weaving technology are enabling us to produce fabrics that offer an authentic interpretation of handmade fabrics from all over the world at affordable price points,” Ruggiero said. “Consumers are drawn first and foremost to the colors and designs, and when they find out it’s Sunbrella with all of its performance qualities, the fabrics virtually sell themselves.”