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Founded in 1960

Glen Raven Logistics® provides unparalleled logistics services for a wide range of industries. Our brand embodies the strong history and innovative future of Glen Raven by providing exceptional customer service and reliability to all our customers.

Glen Raven Logistics Services

As a full-service logistics solutions company, we offer a variety of services offered on our own fleet of trailers as well as through third-party providers. In addition to truckload (TL) and less-than-truckload (LTL), we also specialize in volume-LTL, time-definite LTL and TL, flatbed, pool distribution, and rail transportation. Our capabilities also allow us to ship both domestically and internationally with major service lanes across the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Why Glen Raven Logistics

A Product of Growth

Glen Raven Logistics is the continued expansion of the Glen Raven Brand founded in 1880. Formed from a need to move products, we built an expansive service for coordinating shipments, building customer relationships and expanding our market into new territories.

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Raven Rater

Instant access to leading shipping rates. Customers use Raven Rater to book, track and trace shipments through our online portal.

Innovative Home base

Located on Glen Raven’s original campus in North Carolina, Glen Raven Logistics operates out of a high-tech facility powering our future work.

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Explore Glen Raven Logistics

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