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How We Inspire & Innovate

Each great idea began with a single spark of inspiration and a problem to solve. Our unending drive to improve and passion for problem-solving allows us to stay ahead of our changing world. We protect and encourage the freedom to dream, the opportunities to create and the lessons that offer growth.

Our Creations Started On The Drawing Board Waiting For Thread To Meet The Needle

In the 1950s, the wife of Glen Raven’s President proposed a pair of stockings that were one piece, like a pair of pants. They took this idea to the sewing machine and created “Panti-Legs”, today globally known as pantyhose.

These sparks of ingenuity guided our company forward. They helped expand into our brands and subsidiaries that encourage the creative and collaborative passions carried by our weavers.

Today we see innovation as an opportunity to do something better. We test, research, create, fail and succeed to put high-quality fabrics and textiles in the hands of our creators. We do this by putting real touch into each stitch that’s elegant, real and uniquely human.

Discover how our fabrics inspire. Continue reading about the innovative spindle that’s woven our path forward below.

Innovation Is Found In The Products

Welcome to your blank canvas. Use our library of materials and fabric technologies to find your perfect idea for your next big thing. We can't wait to see what you create.

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Never Stop Growing

Customers count on Glen Raven for everything from research and development, dying, spinning, weaving and finishing, to distribution and logistics. In the markets we serve – awning, marine, furniture, protective, military, geosynthetics and more—customers trust Glen Raven associates as experts in their fields. The Raven is our public marker of innovative ideas, thought leadership and company growth.

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Changing A Culture

What's the secret to our success? We welcome diversity and differences. We listen to great thinking, collaborate at every level and don't stop until we each are proud of what leaves our facilities. Our Glen Raven family sews a diverse and inclusive culture that intertwines into ideas, concepts and products.

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Building A Healthy Future

Sustainability ensures that a company is capable of staying at the top for over 100 years. Our thinking goes beyond the cutting board and into how we consciously create in the world around us. We’ve made plans in our operations that will continue developing facilities that intertwine with our global environments.

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