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Glen Raven Asia employees hold a banner and stand beside a river

Corporate Citizenship

Taking Care Of Our People

It is our job to be good corporate citizens who uphold values that respect human dignity, provide ethical treatment to all and who are transparent about how we operate. We have an opportunity to empower and build up the communities around us through philanthropy, volunteerism and community service.

a woman inspects a mechanical loom
What We're Doing

We're supporting our people and communities by...

Connecting people to the world, their communities, neighbors, families and friends enriches our lives and makes our work more valuable.

many Glen Raven employees wave from tables
Strata Corporate team in India poses and holds Indian flags

Community engagement and partnerships lead to solution-oriented collaboration and leadership development within the community and the company.

Personal growth and inspiration are the results of community experiences and service. Pursuing a shared purpose leads to an engaged workforce, compassion, validation and success beyond one individual.

Dickson team poses for a group picture
a Glen Raven employee poses with a large spool of thread

Strengthening communities through collective movements demonstrates inclusion, company unity and provides a greater sustainable impact for all.

Where We're Going

We’re connecting with over 200 nonprofit organizations through leadership, campaigns, volunteering and financial support. We aim to have 100% participation of all associates in volunteer activities by 2025