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the Glen Raven building

Our History & Future

We believe where there's a will there's a way

For over a century our company has served the needs of our customers and created spaces that bring people together. Our history inspires our future as we continue to weave connections that keep the world spinning.

Where We’ve Been

At Glen Raven, we rethink what fabric can do. Our rich history demonstrates a commitment to innovation that has delivered products and services shaping industries around the world. We take our customers’ challenges and provide solutions that are expressive, comfortable and of the highest quality.

Explore how we’ve been keeping an eye on what’s next through our milestones.

Where We’re Going

The milestones we’ve celebrated as a company serve as markers along a path to the future. Our success has empowered us to better serve our customers and to innovative the textile solutions of tomorrow. As we move forward, we continue to grow our commitment to the industries, businesses and individuals we serve. Weaving connections that keep the world spinning.

Discover Our Fabric Innovation


Glen Raven was founded in North Carolina in 1880 as a cotton mill. We began our journey creating apparel that exceeded the expectations of consumers, leading the business to expand further into the textile industry.

up close of a cotton plant in a field of cotton
two parasailers in the sky beneath an orange parachute


Glen Raven became a leader in producing parachute fabric during World War II, specializing in parachutes to drop heavy military equipment. We continue to use this application in our military textile markets today.


In 1958 we changed the fashion industry forever with the invention of Panti-Legs, the first ever pantyhose.

a woman standing on a sidewalk in sheer black tights
row of colorful fabric pieces


Our flagship brand, Sunbrella®, was launched in 1961. Sunbrella fabrics have since been incorporated into a versatile suite of products in the furniture, shade and marine industries. Sunbrella fabrics give life texture and create beauty in a variety of colors, applications and spaces.


In 1969 we took our fabrics to new heights with the Apollo 11 space mission. Nylon fabric woven at our Burnsville facility was used in the American flag planted on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin.

up close of the American flag
modern office with woven flooring


Expanded into Europe in 1998 with the acquisition of Dickson-Constant®, a leader in performance fabrics in the European market.


In 2006 we opened a state-of-the-art manufacturing center in China to solve the challenges of a global consumer base.

Glen Raven Asia corporate office
corner of a green striped awning


In 2007 we created Trivantage®, a one-stop shop for businesses to find their textile solutions. Powered by a network of distribution centers across North America, we're able to connect creators with the fabrics and materials they need, wherever they need them.


We opened our new corporate headquarters in Burlington, North Carolina in 2019. After an extensive years-long renovation, this new campus will serve as a hub for innovation, sustainability and company growth.

a Glen Raven building