Welcome! Please view our 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report here.

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The biggest impact we can make reduces, improves and sustains the world around us. We are committed to using our resources to improve our efforts in renewable energy, our carbon footprint and the global circular economy.

A Message From Our CEO

“Glen Raven is committed to improving the lives of our associates, enriching our communities and preserving our planet.” — Leib Oehmig, CEO

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Leib Oehmig

Planet Oriented

Our ambition is to be a leader in our industries in reducing our environmental impact and advancing the global circular economy.

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People Oriented

Our ambition is to help our associates and our communities reach their full potential.

Carbon Emissions

We are conscious manufacturers. Our consumption of electricity and fuel always pursues optimization from high-efficiency strategies. We’ve identified goals to benchmark our progress and drive improvements that reduce our environmental footprint.

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man placing a bundle of fabric into a baler

Advancing The Circular Economy

We’ve adopted a commitment aimed at eliminating waste and pollution by recycling, reusing and regenerating materials and products. Our facilities work to minimize waste, recycle and make smart choices about our textile materials, packaging and initiatives.

Where We're Going

We hold ourselves and our brands to the highest level of environmental responsibility in our sustainability practices. We believe it’s our job to help improve the lives of our associates and preserve our communities and the planet.