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Glen Raven is successful because we believe in our people. We provide purposeful employment opportunities that will advance your career and our world.

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  • 40 Global Locations
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Who We Are

We’re a globally known company woven together in the Carolinas. With a rich history of making a difference in people’s lives, we want you to jump into our team, collaborate and help us create “what’s next.” At Glen Raven, people are our purpose, enabling us to create moments of connection – between thinking and experience, art and science, people and ideas, individuals and communities. As we continue to add to a beautiful, global tapestry, we strive to be a symbol of connection and inspiration, strengthening the fabric of life everywhere. Weaving connections that keep the world spinning.

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Together, We Are Stronger

We are team-oriented and all-in on doing things right. That means listening to different viewpoints and providing ways for us to grow together and individually. At the core of our company, we care for the hearts of our people.

Here you can:

  • Work with industry experts who have a passion for the products they create.
  • Learn from the best in the field – and become one. We foster growth so you can have more opportunities at your fingertips.
  • Innovate with entrepreneurial colleagues who have the autonomy to do their jobs and forge their careers. We hire the best, expect exceptional results, and give you the room you need to perform.

Our Commitment To Diversity & Inclusion

We are proud to embrace difference in our culture built on learning, listening, nurturing and advocating for our associates and communities. That’s why at Glen Raven, we celebrate diversity and strive to be inclusive across our company through thoughtful leadership, initiatives and active participation. Because at the heart of life, we recognize the humanity of each other and the dignity that every person deserves.

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Benefits of Joining Our Team

We take care of each member of our team because every employee is a vital part of our Glen Raven family. For the employees shaping our company, we say thank you by giving back with world-class benefits.

Besides our core employee benefits listed above, we are a company that invests in products and team members, with competitive pay and generous rewards.

Stitching Together a New Future

From facility operations to logistics and engineering to sales, we have a place for you to make a difference at Glen Raven. Visit our job board to view current positions that are ready to keep the world spinning.

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