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Weaving Connections That Keep The World Spinning

Our Organizational Purpose
Glen Raven, Our Purpose

It all begins with why. For our business, for our customers, for our employees. A purpose that makes decisions clearer and our business more worthwhile. Connecting people, ideas, history and the future, Glen Raven is dedicated to our purpose for the next 142 years.

With Our Purpose

Comes 6 guiding principles

Heart For People

We show kindness, we are respectful, and we embrace difference. At all times. Even when we disagree, we recognize the humanity of each other, and the dignity that every person deserves. We trust the good intentions of one another. We care.

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“All-In” On Doing It Right

As a company and as individuals, we are committed to doing everything we can to be the best that we can. We go above and beyond when it is the right thing to do for Glen Raven, for our co-workers, for our customers. We do the right thing for the right reasons, even when no one is watching.

Drive To Improve

Our unending drive to improve and enthusiasm for solving problems allow us to stay ahead of the changes around us. We protect and nurture the freedom to dream, encourage opportunities to develop, and allow for the lessons that failure may offer.

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We Get After It

At Glen Raven, we are self-starters and hard workers. If a problem needs solving, we know we can figure it out. As individuals, we have the confidence and belief that we can make a difference. We bring our ideas to the table - and we are not afraid to be advocates, as well as associates, when we know those ideas are important.

It's Not About Me

We are quick to jump in, collaborate and support one another. While we all want to be involved and make a contribution every step of the way, we recognize it is about the whole, not any one piece.

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We Take The Long View

The longevity of Glen Raven is a testament to our focus on the big picture and our priority of achieving long-term value over short-term gains. We are always learning, and always looking forward.