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Founded in 1994

Strata is a global manufacturer of geosynthetic soil reinforcement solutions. With global manufacturing and distribution connections, Strata helps deliver geosolutions across the world.

Strata Products

Through product innovation and technological advancements, Strata has become a global leader in a growing world. Strata’s products push what's possible while solving the biggest geotechnical challenges.

Why Strata

When your project has challenging site conditions, Strata delivers with quality materials and world-class engineering support.

Connected & Growing

Strata is connected to numerous professional associations like ASTM, Geosynthetic institute, International Erosion Control Association, National Concrete Masonry Association, AASHTO's National Transportation Product Evaluation Program (NTPEP) and more.

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StrataPro software is an engineering tool for designers to quickly picture elevation views, structures, cross sections and material quantities. This program provides compound stability analysis with static, seismic and quick modifications to wall geometry.

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