Protection Only Half the Battle in Protective Workwear

Workwear for oil and gas and electrical workers must meet exacting government standards to protect in hazardous environments. But protection is only half the battle. For protective workwear to be effective workers must use them properly and consistently which means the fabrics must be cool, comfortable and attractive.

GlenGuard FR

We accepted this challenge in creating our GlenGuard® FR line of protective workwear. We not only meet government safety standards (NFPA 70E and NFPA 2112), but our fabrics also offer the industry’s best ratio of weight to protection. That means that workwear made using GlenGuard FR not only protects but is cool and comfortable. It’s also attractive and stays that way even through repeated commercial laundries because our fabrics have color deeply embedded in each fiber.

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GlenGuard Hi-Vis

Also part of the GlenGuard line is GlenGuard® Hi-Vis, which is a workwear fabric for protective vests that provides high visibility in addition to flame retardency and comfort. GlenGuard Hi-Vis is a patented, inherently flame resistant, American National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant fabric designed to make safety vests cooler and more comfortable without sacrificing protection.

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