From starting as a textile mill in North Carolina in 1880, to becoming a multinational company that focuses on enhancing life for global consumers through innovative fabric-based, market-based solutions, Glen Raven has prided itself on conducting business with integrity for over 135 years. Glen Raven believes that human trafficking and slavery violate the most basic rights of human beings and has zero tolerance for these practices. Consistent with this belief, Glen Raven has taken the following steps:

  • Glen Raven’s Code of Conduct, which is applicable to all company employees, prohibits all forms of human trafficking and slavery. During the past year, the Code of Conduct was provided to all new Glen Raven employees.
  • Glen Raven’s Supplier Code of Conduct prohibits its suppliers from engaging in any form of human trafficking or slavery. In addition, suppliers are prohibited from purchasing materials or services from companies that use forced or slave labor. The company’s suppliers must also be able to certify that materials included in their products comply with the slavery and human trafficking laws in the countries in which they do business. During the past year, the Supplier Code of Conduct was made available to each new supplier via its publication on Glen Raven’s website.
  • Although Glen Raven has not audited all of its suppliers with regard to slavery and human trafficking, the company has undertaken assessments of the business operations of certain suppliers. As part of the company’s general oversight of its supply chain, Glen Raven employees conducted on-site visits to many of the company’s major suppliers during the past year. If Glen Raven employees have reason to believe a supplier is engaged in human trafficking or the use of slave labor, including if the company receives credible information from third parties, the company will take immediate appropriate action.
  • During the past year, Glen Raven has developed a new training system for its employees. The system will enable targeted trainings of Glen Raven employees directly responsible for supply chain management on detecting and reporting human trafficking and slavery and on mitigating risks within the company’s supply chain.