The latest exhibition in the Concept Gallery explores the potential of 3D printing to change the way we plan and execute new ideas. Inspired by the thought-provoking presentation from Cathy Lewis at 3D Systems during the 2014 Innovation Summit, the exhibit features a range of 3D printed objects designed by Glen Raven associates.

Though 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, it has recently experienced renewed interest due to the release of affordable 3D printers designed to appeal to a wide audience, from makers and small businesses to startups and traditional manufacturers. 3D printing even made an appearance at New York Fashion Week during Season 12 of the popular show “Project Runway,” which highlighted finalist Justin LeBlanc using 3D printing to design accessories for his final collection.

The objects in the current exhibition illustrate the range of ideas that can be brought to life using the new technology. Some of the featured objects include a model car that rolls and an umbrella that opens and closes; a model of the Notre Dame Cathedral; a “chainmail” glove made from tiny plastic links; and an awning frame with interchangeable parts printed from the Trivantage Awning Composer software.

Using Glen Raven’s CubePro professional 3D printer, associates dubbed “Glen Raven makers” have had the opportunity to engage with the new technology over the past several weeks. With hands-on experience, these makers now understand the capacities and limitations of 3D printing as an incubator for new ideas.