Glen Raven, a company with over 130 years of history that has evolved into a global manufacturing, marketing and sales organization, has created a Concept Gallery that is encouraging collaborative approaches to innovation among the company’s customers, trade partners and associates.

The Gallery is located at Glen Raven’s corporate headquarters in Glen Raven, N.C., and features more than 150 different Glen Raven products. It has been designed as a tool to promote creativity, discovery and collaboration in pursuit of innovation. The Gallery will serve as a conduit for sharing information and building a community of individuals and organizations dedicated to innovative development.

“Only those companies that pursue innovation and collaboration will continue to be successful in today’s global economy,” said Allen E. Gant, Jr., president of Glen Raven, which has business centers on three continents and focuses on fabric-based performance offerings. “Our Concept Gallery is visible evidence of our commitment to innovation and to working closely with all of our partners.”

Glen Raven’s Concept Gallery is managed by Paige Mullis, who serves as curator and as director of concept development. The role of the Gallery is supplemental to collaborative development that is continually occurring among Glen Raven customers and suppliers.

“We want to bring people together in an environment that promotes creative thinking and doing,” Mullis said. “Throughout our history, Glen Raven has been dedicated to innovation in partnership with customers and suppliers. The Concept Gallery will focus on supporting this tradition through information and activities.”

Glen Raven is a global leader in innovative solutions that are fabric-based and market-driven. The company serves a diversity of industries, including awning, marine, furniture, automotive, protective work apparel and military. Glen Raven’s leading brands include Sunbrella® and Dickson®.