Technology transfer, which is the use of an existing material in a new way, is a leading trend for materials innovation today, and one of the most fertile areas is aerospace. Many people will remember Tang breakfast drink that was created for astronauts to enjoy during the earliest flights and which later appeared on grocery shelves. But, aerospace technology transfer has become much broader and highly technical.

The latest exhibit in the Concept Gallery highlights numerous advanced materials arising from aerospace. For example, Glen Raven’s Dickson subsidiary in France developed a material for Airbus to protect jet engines from all types of extreme weather conditions while also offering flame retardant features and the ability to resist damage from hydraulic oil. These materials also had to be printable. The resulting material meets all of these requirements and can be applied in multiple industry segments requiring machine protection in extreme conditions.

And who can forget the lunar landing in 1969 and the American flag implanted on the moon? That flag was made with Glen Raven fabrics, which are the leaders in flags, banners and outdoor decorations that are bright, colorful and long lasting in lunar and earth environments.