When it comes to innovation in automotive design, the environmental and the sexy must roll together into a single product. Consumers want cars with a green story in terms of materials, fuel economy and environmental impact, but they also want cars that are as fun to look at as they are to drive.

A recent exhibit in the Concept Gallery illustrated the opportunities with innovation in the automotive market, including displays of the latest in concept cars, as well as innovations in customization and environmental responsibility. Equally important, the Gallery exhibit explored the impact of the fashion industry on the design of cars as well as the rapidly changing world of materials used to build cars that can address every issue – aesthetics, environmental and performance.

“Automotive is one of the richest areas of innovation you will find anywhere,” said Patrick Hennessy, automotive market manager for Glen Raven. “Today’s cars must appeal to ever changing consumer tastes, which are heavily influenced by the world of fashion and the concept of mass customization. At the same time, vehicles must be environmentally friendly with ever increasing fuel economy and incorporating the latest in material innovations. The exhibit at the Concept Gallery captured all of these elements and more in an inspiring exhibit.”