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Glen Raven automotive fabrics bring long-lasting durability, versatility, and style to your vehicle, with classic woven fabrics and sleek flat knits that are built to last.

Eye-Catching Style, Wherever The Road Leads

We believe that high-quality, durable fabric is essential when buying the vehicle of your dreams. Our partner brands and technologies manufacture fabrics for convertible tops and headliner fabrics for visors, pillars, sunshades, and more. No matter where you go, Glen Raven automotive fabrics are built for the roads ahead.

Our Featured Automotive Brands


Sunbrella works in partnership with Haartz®, the leading fabricator of materials for convertible tops, providing woven acrylic fabrics with classic good looks, durability, and fade resistance. As a long-time player in creating convertible tops and more, our brand provides function that lasts.

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Shawmut Advanced Materials®

Shawmut fabrics create the perfect interior companion for your ride. Our partner’s line of automotive multi-layer materials completes your vehicle's look and feel with high-class fabrics and laminating services used in sun visors, headliners, door trims, overhead sunshades and fabrics seats. As a leader in technical fabrics, Shawmut provides reliable and stylish fabrics for all vehicles.

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