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Glen Raven's distribution capacity connects our global clientele to the fabrics and materials they need. We've committed our business operations and brand capabilities to cater to your unique needs for the best solutions on the market.

Bringing Buyers And Sellers Together

At Glen Raven, innovation is in our DNA. We rethink what fabric can do. That’s why we’re a leader in the markets we serve, with an innovative spirit that extends to your customer experience. Our teams work to create a central shopping hub that is efficient, reliable, and trustworthy. We’re proud to offer a team of global representatives who will guide you to the perfect fabric, tool, and solution. Our distribution centers make shipping hassle-free while ensuring you get what you need to keep your business spinning.

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Create when and where you want with dedicated Trivantage customer service teams and distribution capabilities. With over 9,000 available materials, fabrics, hardware and components, Trivantage has everything you need all in one place. For over a decade we've built the Trivantage brand into a trusted, customer-centered resource we house under the Glen Raven name.

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