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Geosynthetic materials help stabilize weak soils, reinforce retaining walls and permit the design and construction of steep slopes. Our materials help support companies start and finish large commercial construction projects, highway builds, landslide repairs and industrial sites.

Providing Structure To Our Surrounding World

As a global leader in geosynthetics, Strata provides companies with rigorously engineered materials and geotechnical solutions. The use of technology allows our teams and customers to interact with materials in new ways for better planning and execution of large-scale construction. Our teams are based in the US and India, but we design and supply products to crucial structures across the globe.


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Since early 1990, Strata has specialized in creating products meant to solve job site challenges. We provide research and development to ensure our products can withstand the environment and continue to build a changing global infrastructure. With a dedicated customer care team, we can provide our customers with technical, engineering and purchasing support for their project.

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