Raven Issue No. 14

In this issue:

  • A new solar array atop Glen Raven’s Sunbrella Yarn Manufacturing Center in Norlina, N.C., is generating enough electricity to power 47 typical homes in a year.
  • Sustainability is not only good for the environment but also good business, resulting in better quality and globally competitive products.
  • The secrets to marine fabric transformations are revealed in a special project aboard the Galatea, a 43-foot cutter rigged Hans Christian sailboat moored in Olympia, Wash.
  • Glen Raven Logistics is managing complex supply chains that are assuring globally competitive costs, while meeting rigorous delivery schedules.
  • Products today must be as beautiful as they are high performing, which means adding “art” to equations often based in science, technology, engineering and math. Read More

Raven Issue No. 13

In this issue:

  • Situ Studio, a Brooklyn-based creative practice, has transformed the Great Hall inside the Brooklyn Museum with 16 towering column sculptures that incorporate 2,400 yards of Sunbrella fabric.
  • Glen Raven’s Burnsville Plant will soon become a landfill-free facility, recycling all waste content, ranging from fibers and cardboard to light bulbs and batteries.
  • A 150-year-old French company, Toiles du Soleil (Cloth of the Sun), is collaborating with Dickson-Constant to reinterpret its classic cotton fabric designs into Sunbrella fabrics.
  • Strata India has evolved from a provider of geo-grid materials to an organization capable of designing and building overpasses for India’s massive national highway construction program.
  • The Sunbrella brand is gaining increased global recognition in awning and casual furniture markets as a result of design and marketing programs from Dickson-Constant, including recent awning line additions. Read More

Raven Issue No. 12

In this issue:

  • Glen Raven’s new global vision – “Let Endless Possibilities Begin™” – is intensifying our focus on innovation with customers, trade partners and associates.
  • Glen Raven Asia is at the forefront of the growing Asian economy, providing Sunbrella performance fabrics for some of the region’s leading entrepreneurs.
  • Utility companies are the early adopters of a new generation of work vests that not only enhance visibility, but also offer protection from electric arc hazards.
  • With the latest in warehouse automation systems, the new Trivantage Consolidated Distribution Center in Mebane, N.C., is assuring the ready availability of more than 12,500 different catalog items.
  • Logistics is the fastest growing segment of the transportation industry, opening up avenues for cost savings while maintaining high standards of quality and reliability. Read More