Sunbrella® ‘Uncharted Waters’ Documentary Offers Insider View of the Journey to the Olympic Games


What makes elite athletes tick? What is it like to live your dream every day in hopes of a star performance at the Olympics? These are a few of the themes that ‘Uncharted Waters,’ a documentary following athletes on the US Sailing Team Sperry, will explore in the final year of their journey toward a spot on the US Olympic and Paralympic Teams that will compete in the Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

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Raven Issue No. 24

In this issue:

  • ‘Spirit for Innovation’ Fuels Global Design Inspirations
  • U.S. Sailing Tea Sperry and Sunbrella Circumnavigate the Globe in Search of Gold
  • Small Rooms Are the Big Idea at POD Hotels
  • ‘Explorer’ Encourages Use of Glen Raven Materials in Unexpected Ways
  • From Parachutes to RVS: Former U.S. Navy Rigger Tackles Diverse Fabrication Challenges
Download Raven Issue No. 23

Download Raven Issue No. 24