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Over 100 Years Of Innovation

FIRERESIST® custom-engineered fabrics are designed to provide customers with superior weather, stain, mildew and flame-resistant technology. As a Glen Raven brand, FIRERESIST provides trusted performance fabrics and material innovation that outperforms competitors and provides style and peace of mind to customers.


Industry-leading flame and heat-resistant fabrics built for the areas you’re in.

Fire Retardant

FIRERESIST delivers a state-of-the-art combination of flame retardant performance and UV resistance that exceeds industry standards.

red awnings on the side of a yellow building
corner of a green striped awning

Weather Resistance

Engineered new coatings and finishes maximize water repellency, sunlight resistance, and ease of cleaning.

Color Retention & Strength

Deep, rich colors and robust durability delivers long-lasting good looks to any application. Plus, workability improvements make cutting, sewing and welding easier than ever.

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a blue sun shade over a patio with two chairs, a plant, a rug, and several cushions

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