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Founded in 1916

Creating a better tomorrow with high-performance soft-material solutions.

Shawmut Advanced Materials® is a global textile leader and partnership network that is the largest independent provider of laminating services for technical fabrics in the US.

Shawmut Portfolio

Advanced fabric engineering for the automotive, healthcare, military and other industries. Shawmut offers custom composite materials that create a better tomorrow with materials that don’t exist today.

Why Shawmut

Tried-and-true, Shamut serves a global community with protective, customizable and revolutionary fabric capabilities.

Research & Development

State-of-the-art products backed by extensive end-to-end research and development solutions. Shawmut utilizes sourcing, engineering and testing of materials to deliver an application fitted to your needs.

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Proven For Over A Century

A company that’s evolved with each trend and led the charge for creating better fabric solutions. For over 100 years Shawmut has adapted to earn a trusted reputation across an array of industries.

Ready To Help

When the COVID-19 pandemic rolled on Shawmut shifted business operations to assist those in need. With a background in medical materials, they were able to move quickly to focus on manufacturing personal protective equipment.

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