Protecting the communities we love.

Glen Raven is committed to sustainability and reducing the impact on the environment as our products are brought to market and used by customers. At the same time, we are committed to caring for our employees and sustaining the communities where we live and work.

At Glen Raven, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword. It’s our way of life. Sustainability is a priority for Glen Raven employees because we love our communities and are invested in seeing them thrive.

Our Anderson, S.C. facility houses 1 million square feet of manufacturing space for Sunbrella production. And NOTHING goes to the landfill. In fact, the dumpster on campus is padlocked so it cannot be used, a reminder of our landfill free commitment. Employees also plant corn on our green fields surrounding the facility for wildlife to enjoy. And a night camera captures the activity, which employees can check every morning to see if the animals took advantage of the fruits of their labor!


For over 25 years, our plants in North Carolina and South Carolina have recycled their textile and packaging waste. Beginning in 2009, our employees found opportunities to go one step further – and become entirely landfill free, by finding new partners in the recycling industry. By capturing and repurposing waste fiber and fabrics, we’ve created the Renaissance line of Sunbrella® upholstery and awning fabrics featuring 50 percent recycled content.

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Solar Array.

In 2011, we added a solar array to our plant in Norlina, N.C. This 500-kilowatt array is comprised of tube-like components that together with a special ultra-white roof surface which allows for energy collection from 360 degrees. This powerful system produces enough electricity to supply for the needs of 47 typical homes.

Water Reduction.

Our Park Avenue Finishing Plant in Burlington, N.C., has cut water consumption by more than half while production levels have increased. Through process improvements our Anderson, S.C., Sunbrella manufacturing center has reduced water consumption by 10 million gallons annually.

ISO Certifications

Our ISO 9001 Quality Management and ISO 14001 Environmental Management certifications demonstrate commitment to providing exceptional products and services while recognizing our environmental responsibilities.


Our Anderson Plant is a member of South Carolina Wildlife Federation’s WAIT (Wildlife and Industry Together), a program that has recognized our commitment to improving the natural habitat of our 180-acre Anderson Plant campus, including the planting of more than 25,000 trees. And in North Carolina, we have an additional 420 acres of managed forests planted with pine trees.

LEED Certified

Trivantage, our distribution company, designed and built a LEED Silver certified distribution center that incorporated energy conservation measures in every aspect of construction and ongoing operations. Through its network of 12 distribution centers across the country, Trivantage collects used and scrap Sunbrella fabrics that are given new life through our Recycle My Sunbrella program.

Social Sustainability.

Sustainability is more than protecting the environment—we are also committed to sustaining the local communities in which we work and helping them thrive. Glen Raven employees participate in community outreach projects such as walks supporting the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation; Helping Partners, which reaches out to employees and community members in times of need; and much more.

We also work to promote healthy living throughout our communities. Our Anderson campus is often used as a local gathering place for events such as cycling races, and in North Carolina, we work with the local government to operate a public park on our land with canoe access to the Haw River. And to promote healthy eating, our facility in China features a garden with fresh fruits and vegetables for employees and their families.

We also invest in our communities by protecting our employees with safe working conditions, education and a focus on employee wellness. In fact, our plants in North Carolina and South Carolina have won Carolina Star and Palmetto Star awards for keeping workers safe on the job.