Long May She Wave.

When Apollo 11 landed on the moon on July 20, 1969, one of the many tasks for the crew was to plant an American flag on the lunar surface, and we were honored that the stars and stripes were displayed on fabric that we made. It was a fitting application because Glen Raven has for decades been the largest producer of flag and banner fabrics in the U.S.

We weave these fabrics at our plant in the small town of Burnsville, which is located in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Our associates take great pride in our flag and banner fabrics, knowing that the color, print clarity and durability of “Old Glory” depend on their work.

We provide fabrics to the nation’s leading flag and banner and fabricators, which like Glen Raven are long-standing family-owned businesses. The resurgence in flag display that followed the tragic events of 9/11 continues today, and our company fulfills the requirement that the U.S. flag at government installations must fly on fabrics made in America.

In addition to fabrics for displaying patriotism, we also support the growth in popularity of flags and banners for commercial and retail establishments that contribute to brand awareness and dynamic aesthetics. Again, the requirements are for color and print clarity and durability, which are possible because of our expert associates in Burnsville.

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