FIRESIST is recyclable through Glen Raven

Recycling is an important part of our commitment to sustainability and the environment. For over 20 years, Glen Raven has recycled fabric and manufacturing waste into industrial products such as felt, insulation, and padding.

Sunbrella® fabrics are also recyclable. Visit for details.

How to recycle FIRESIST fabrics

Glen Raven now offers a new recycling service for FIRESIST customers, expanding the opportunity to reclaim fabric from the field. Shipping to our recycling center is easily coordinated through this web site.

We accept Pre-Consumer or Post-Consumer waste FIRESIST fabric -- including used awning covers. Waste should be relatively clean and dry, and any rope, cable, vinyl, or foam cushioning should be removed.

The packaging materials used to ship your fabric will also be recycled. Our facility recycles 100% of all industrial and office waste - absolutely nothing goes to the landfill.

Administration of the Recycle My FIRESIST program is funded by Glen Raven. The only cost to the customer is transportation of materials to our recycling center.

Recycling process

  1. Any FIRESIST fabric will be accepted. Please remove any rope, marine vinyl windows, foam cushioning, zippers, oily waste, etc.
  2. Prepare the RMF form and affix the top section to the outside of the package. The bottom section of the form should be placed inside the package. One RMF Number is required for each separate shipping package.
  3. Ship the package to our recycling facility as shown on the label - please understand that this is not located at our Anderson Plant. Glen Raven does NOT cover the cost of shipping.
  4. The package must be properly labeled and addressed. Packaging can be pallets or corrugated boxes - with minimal packaging materials.

Prepare RMF Shipping Form